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Thermal screens allow you to control light, temperature, and humidity inside the greenhouse. The climate in the greenhouse can control more accurate and reliable. Thermal screens separate the top part of the greenhouse from the central growing space. In addition to creating insulation, this also “shrinks” the greenhouse space. If you control parameters such as relative humidity, you are able to treat a smaller space, giving you more control and using fewer resources to do so. You can focus on your plants, without needing to treat the plantless spaces at the top of the greenhouse. In general, working in a smaller space allows for easier, more efficient acclimation.



Weeds growing on the greenhouse floor affect production negatively and also cause an increase in diseases and pests in the greenhouse. The use of ground cover prevents weed growth on the greenhouse floor. Prevents sludge on the ground cover surface. In addition, it helps to conserve soil heat. There are lines on it with 20 cm intervals, which makes it easy to grow the pots. Ground covers are black and white. Long-lasting UV additive. In addition, one of the most important features of ground covers increases plant productivity by providing light reflection in the greenhouse



Insect net is mounted on greenhouse windows and prevents harmful flies and pests from entering the greenhouse to outside. It also prevents the beneficial bees working in the greenhouse from leaving the greenhouse. It is produced in 40 mesh and 50 mesh sizes. They are UV added and long-lasting. They are white in color. During the opening and closing of the insect nets, they get stuck between the gears of the system and break apart over time. In order to prevent this, the greenhouse system to be established prevent insect nets from getting stuck in the gear by keeping them taut for tensioning parts should be used for this reason, insect nets maintain their durability for a longer period of time.