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Growing Media (Substrat)



Cocopeat is sterile, does not carry foreign seeds and diseases. Desalinated by buffering process. Calcium and magnesium were added. EC value is 250 µS/cm. It has high air conductivity. Rooting is fast and healthy. It can retain 9 times its dry weight in water and nutrients, gives to the plant its needs quite quickly and regularly. Keeps water for a long time. It has excellent drainage. Its natural pH is 5.5-6.4 and it is suitable for plants. Coco Plus cocopeats high physical stability, excellent water holding capacity, it has advanced features such as year-round use. It is also environmentally friendly as it is produced naturally. It can be shipped worldwide in compressed form.



Rock wool, a lightweight hydroponic substrate is made from spinning molten basaltic rock into fine fibers which are then formed into a range of cubes, blocks, growing slabs, and granular products. Because rock wool and other stone or mineral wools used in horticulture originate from rock, they are considered by many to be a natural product. Rock wool is a widely utilized substrate in commercial horticulture for the production of crops as diverse as tomatoes, melons, cucumbers, peppers, strawberries, herbs, and cut flowers; however it can also easily be used by smaller hydroponic growers wanting to take advantage of improved root zone technology