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About us

Sera Marketim, a company established in 2011, has taken the task and responsibility of delivering the developing products and services to the final consumers by following all innovations and technologies in the field of modern agriculture. Sera Marketim supplies modern greenhouse equipment, thermal screen, thermal curtain mechanism system, osmosis, generator, automation systems, cocopeat, insect net, ground cover, plant hanging systems, plant clips, etc., for many greenhouses in Turkey and abroad. Offers a wide range of products to world-class manufacturers. With wide product scale, Sera Marketim has grown on solid foundations in a short time with it’s accurate and solution-oriented productions in meeting the needs of the sector. This rapid growth, combined with our confidence in ourselves and our products, has led us to further goals. For this reason, Sera Marketim has adopted the vision of bringing it to the future by blending the experience gained from the past in the agricultural sector with today. In addition, it is one of its biggest goals to stay close to its stakeholders and customers, to ensure accessibility, continuity and unity.


By following the developments in agriculture closely, to design products for the needs of the industry with safe, high quality and affordable costs, produce and build; always improving, renewing itself and working for the needs of the time, without sacrificing quality in this direction, to be a company that keeps customer relations at the highest level.


Adopting an environmentally friendly production approach with its expert and professional staff, meeting the demands of our customers by adapting our savings to the developments in the World and to be a worldwide company that can lead new developments in the field.